Moses Boyd Exodus - Corisca Studios [Live Review]

On a street corner in Texas earlier this month, a queue snaked around the block of a nondescript venue. The crowd attending SXSW in Austin, one of the music industry’s most prominent festivals for new talent, was there for a showcase of British jazz acts, among them drummer Moses Boyd and his band Exodus.

Arriving back in his native London, Boyd headlines a show at Corsica Studios and again the queues gather for this homecoming of sorts.

Having already established his name as one of the most in-demand young talents on the scene after winning a MOBO in 2015 and touring with artists such as Soweto Kinch and Sampha, Boyd takes confidently to the stage.

From their opening number of afrobeat-influenced improvisation, it's clear that Moses Boyd Exodus are consummate musicians.

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[This piece was originally published in The Morning Star on 27/03/17]