Charlotte Day Wilson - Next Wave #746

Charlotte Day Wilson’s debut ‘CDW’ EP, released last year, is immediately recognisable in its down tempo intensity. Each track commands the listener’s attention, not through a forceful chorus or infectious hook but through performing the paradox of insistence through subtlety, of striking delicacy. From the calming sustained chords of opener ‘On Your Own’, where Charlotte’s soft voice floats through the building atmospheric reverberations, to the minimal slow-jam intensity of ‘Work’, and empowering chorus crescendo of ‘Find You’, the six tracks of ‘CDW’ establish a talent defiantly resistant of generic and commercial restrictions.

“Down-tempo music comes very naturally to me”, she states, “I think it's because I'm an anxious person, so down-tempo music helps me relax. When I'm in my sanctuary, trying to find refuge in music, the last thing I want to do is listen to something really high bpm for hours”.

Charlotte’s own music cultivates this sense of sanctuary and imagined beauty when listening, and her controlled pacing also applies to her workflow. Being a singer-songwriter, as well as a producer, her studio process is often organic, so that “the song can develop symbiotically with the production”, she explains. Wilson’s independence as an artist also means that she doesn’t have to follow the conventional recording-touring schedule, allowing for her newer songs to mature on their own: “I'm lucky enough that I haven't signed a deal yet”, she states, “so I don't have a label breathing down my neck to tell me to get something finished. I can allow myself to take some time”.

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[This article was originally published on 20/03/17]