Jacques Greene - Feel Infinite

Hearing a tuned-up Brandy vocal sample floating over a pounding four-four bass drum or glittering synth is commonplace in the club these days. From Blawan’s ‘Getting Me Down’ and Burial’s ‘Fostercare’, both sampling Brandy’s ‘I Wanna Be Down’, to Bonobo sampling ‘Baby’ in his recent release ‘Kerala’, this tendency towards the R&B vocal – not just Brandy – finds a point of origin in the Canadian producer Jacques Greene’s work.

Since his 2010 breakthrough single ‘(Baby I Don’t Know) What You Want’, released on London’s Night Slugs imprint and featuring a chipmunk sample of ‘Foolish’ by Ashanti, Greene’s brand of emotive vocal, maximal melody and pulsating rhythm has spearheaded a movement of club-chopped R&B and House whose other proponents include Machinedrum, Kingdom and Jubilee, to name just a few. It’s surprising then that a producer noted for such an influential and specific sound, not to mention for his prolific remixing of Ciara, Radiohead, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and others, is only now releasing his debut LP, Feel Infinite.

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[This piece was published on 15/03/17]