Talaboman - The Night Land

Having first met in the midst of the hectic club and festival DJing circuit, John Talabot and Axel Boman soon discovered they were kindred musical spirits. Each producer had already carved out a niche of their own; Talabot with his electronica-infused house, featured on his stand-out LP ‘Fin’, and Boman with his nocturnal club meditations, emotively present on his LP ‘Family Vacation’.

Yet, 2014’s debut ‘Sidereal’ EP saw both producers come together in a truly collaborative fashion, producing a percussive, dance floor-ready selection that highlighted previously untapped elements of each artist’s musical arsenal. For fans of this Talaboman project, a debut LP has been eagerly anticipated, and now over two years later, ‘The Night Land’ is due for release on R&S Records.

Rather than the up-tempo, melodically-charged movement of ‘Sidereal’, it is immediately clear that the productions offered on ‘The Night Land’ differ in their content and intended effects. Where ‘Sidereal’ saw a density of instrumentation, expertly layered to crescendo and diminish for placement in a mix, ‘The Night Land’ takes these building blocks and then pares down elements to leave a more pensive, minimal affair, dictated by the wider range of playing possibilities latent in the LP format.

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[This piece was originally published in Clash Magazine on 08/03/17]