Next Wave - Astrid Gnosis

Music has a long history of being the medium for political and cultural messages. In times of social change and upheaval, music is often the first recourse to protest and the means of giving a voice to those who would normally have none. With our ever-growing digital echo-chambers though, it seems as if being heard by those who you choose address can be harder than ever, despite the illusion of increased connectivity. Music, the medium of supposed universal communication, has to become more forceful and closer to the raw emotions that create it.

Sound and visual artist Astrid Gnosis has been long channelling her responses to the world through her art. Previously part of a self-confessed artistic ‘cult’, Dying Breed, she toured Europe "creating a narrative of a secret organisation" comprising "tired young people" who put on immersive performance art shows in galleries. She has also worked in sound design creating works for short films and as her artistic practice evolves she has moved further into the sonic field. Astrid states the reason for her choice is because ‘music is a much more interactive medium, rather than performance art where there is more of a distance if you’re somewhere like a gallery’. With her music she can be more direct and upfront with her listeners: "I wanted to start literally saying more things to people. I’ve never been that comfortable saying much through music but now I want to put out an object and speak my mind".

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[This piece was originally published on 13/02/17]