In Conversation: Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Born of artistic parents of French-Colombian heritage and raised in Brooklyn, Gabriel Garzón-Montano has spent years honing his musical knowledge to encompass not only the raft of instruments that he plays, but also his love for genres as varied as P-Funk, hip-hop, cumbia and soul, to name just a few. His debut EP, Bishouné: Alma del Huila, released in 2014, was a statement on the cultural melting-pot of his upbringing, merging densely layered production with precision instrumentation to create six tracks of simultaneous depth and minimalism.

Following high-profile backing from the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Drake, Garzón-Montano recently signed to the label-home of his heroes Madlib and J Dilla, Stones Throw, to release his debut album, Jardin in January. Jardin sees a continuation of his soulful experimentation of the intersections between culture and soundscape and takes his painstaking attention to detail one step further as the entire record was tacked direct to tape with the help of Kravitz’ long-time engineer Henry Hirsch.

We met, through our computers, to talk about the pleasures, and limitations, of going analogue, challenging commercialism, and the ubiquity of Drake.

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[This feature was originally published on 08/02/17 in Clash Magazine]